Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's got MINERALS on it!!

My little toddler just turned 4, and Grandma was up for his birthday. We had cake and icecream and presents and he had just a wonderful time.

Before the party, I had 'damp-mopped' our Pergo floor, so it shined like the 'Top of the Chrysler Building!'

The day after, we were busy watching one of his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movies he'd gotten, along with the action figures (We HAD to get all 4, or there was going to be a war...)

Well, being breakfast time, we were eating in the living room, when he got excited and his biscuit fell on the floor.

I picked it up and tried to give it to him, but he freaked and shreiked and ran in a circle, yelling that it was dirty.

Well, I looked at it.

Anybody with 3+ kids understands about the '30 second' rule - If it doesn't stay on the ground for 30 seconds it's ok to eat.

But I brushed it off, and handed it over to him saying, it's ok, I brushed it off.

He was just about to take a bite when Grandma said 'Oh, it's fine, birthday boy. It's good for you, it's got minerals on it.'

Aaaaaahhhhh!! He hurled the biscuit from him screaming, It's got Minerals on it! It's got minerals on it!

Good pronunciation, son, for a 4yo!

Now, if you could just understand that minerals aren't 'ants'...