Friday, January 7, 2011

God, Guns, and... Glasses

This morning, I lost my glasses. I'm an old guy and once I hit 40 I had the pleasure of playing trombone with every piece of paper I picked up, including books I read/write.

A visit to the eye doctor apprised me that I needed bifocals. I opted for a pair of reading glasses. A year or so later I splurged on some very expensive progressive lens glasses (no lines).

We normally have family bible time before I head to work. This morning I was tired and after doing my own devotional and fixing my wife's glasses (which had lost a lens) I made sure the kids were up, and prepared to do bible with them. Rebecca was still finishing up her personal devotion, so I decided to shower before family bible.

She wasn't happy I decided to delay, and was worried I'd nix the whole family bible time, a decision that would start the day wrong and end up with everyone in the ditch.

But I showered anyway. And then couldn't find my glasses. I found my 5yo's Nerf guns, though, and shot a few darts at the closet walls. The darts fell through the wire shelves and onto the closet floor.

Then I bumbled around trying to find my glasses. I had them in the closet, so they HAD to be there. I searched the shelves, the floor, in the boxes under the shelves, in the pockets of a jacket (finding my wife's lost cellphone, an answer to prayer). No glasses.

I searched the place I worked on her glasses. Turned the couch upside down. Searched the cushions. Searched in my easy chair. On the counters. In the trash. In the sink. At the coffee station. On the nightstand.

No glasses.

I prayed for my glasses, and yelled for them. Sent the kids to find them. No luck. Rebecca said to do bible, and after that God would answer my prayer. Finally I acquiesced, and did bible with the kids. Leviticus 8. Has nothing to do with glasses or guns. But a lot to do with God and the seriousness of sin, atonement, and holiness.

So, after bible, I prayed and then looked for my glasses again, deciding that if God didn't let me have my glasses I'd have to fall back on the previous 2 pair.

Went into the closet one last time. I remembered the darts that had fallen and bent down to retrieve them. There were my glasses, in plain sight. No, I'm not kidding. In a place I'd already looked. Granted, my vision's not perfect, but they weren't there before. Then they were. Freaky.

Or maybe God just wanted me to do Bible first. Regardless, R was right, and I walked out of the closet with my glasses on my face. She didn't even blink. "See? I told you you'd find them after you obeyed."