Friday, July 2, 2010

Life in HyperSpace

Well, now it's official.

I've started work on a bold new concept - I'm going to include these stories of my family in a new non-fiction ADHD book to help and entertain others with similar issues.

With all the fun and experience we've had with diet remediation and medication, coping and structure, some of this information will be beneficial to others with similar ADD/ADHD parenting issues.

Dr. Louise Seals has graciously agreed to lend her assistance in the medical side of this work, so I'll be leaning heavily on her as a resource. I hope to have a proposal and a significant portion of the work written by the time the ACFW Conference comes around, as it may be of interest to the agents and editors I'll meet there.

Wish me luck! I'll post a widget here once the words start cranking, so you guys can hop in and see where I'm at on this non-fic journey!