Saturday, August 12, 2017

You know how sometimes, the planets just align, and you know you have to talk about it? I posted this on FB but consider it's too important a topic to just leave it there.

Well, today's devo, kiddies, talked about Hell. Not a pleasant subject but one that we all need to understand.
Last night our #smallgroup discussed a lot of topics but one concerned why a loving God would ever send anybody to a place like this.

I mean, anybody but Hitler. He can go. And Pol Pot. Edi Amin. Maybe a few others.

But, this verse says, EVERLASTING. That doesn't leave room for the idea that the person there would just be burned up and snuffed out. It means torment for ever. And ever.
Hey, maybe even Pol Pot would pay for his crimes after a million years in a lake of fire. But not Hitler. He'd need at least a billion, right?

But God's punishment here is everlasting. Without end. So why would a loving God send even Hitler to a punishment and torture that NEVER ends? Wouldn't that make Him evil? #IsGodEvil?

The answer though is that God is not evil, He's good. And Love. He's also Holy. And Just.

His Love is perfect. It's everlasting. His justice is also perfect. And everlasting.

These two apparently diametrically opposed attributes meet at a cross.

God doesn't want to send anyone to an everlasting torment. 2 Pet 3:9 So He made a way, one way, to deal with sin, our sin, my sin.

I won't be so crass as to ask, why only ONE way? A better question would be, why ANY way?

Love. That's why. He loves you. He knows all about you, all the horrible things you have done. Or said. Or thought. All your warts and scars that no amount of makeup could cover up. And He loves you anyway.

So how do we escape that awful place? Rom 6:23 The gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus. It's a gift. You can't earn a gift, and it's insulting to try. Acts 16:31 says believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved. Not, believe IN, but ON. Like sitting ON a chair. Putting your trust in Him, not in your own works.

Hell wasn't built for us. It was made for the devil and all his demons. And that is where he is headed. Don't go with him. Nobody but the devil wants you to.