Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Home Alone 3

Today my wife headed to William Carey University with my daughter to register her for college, lock in her classes, see her advisor, and all that preliminary stuff to embarking on the college adventure.

My older son, 20, was watching my 11yo while I was at work.

I sent him a text around noon to see if he was working today, and he said he was, 3:15pm - 7:15pm. Another odd shift, but hey, cash.

So, this meant my 11yo would be home alone until i got home, usually around 6:30pm.

I was positive this was a bad idea, so I asked my boss if I could head home early, and left at 2:30. I arrived home at 3:05. My 11yo had been left home alone for 15 minutes.

Having seen the Home Alone movies, I came home a little nervously, checking for trip wires and traps.

What I found when I got inside was egg shells. Lots of them.

Appears my 11yo was trying to cook an omelette for lunch. 15 minutes alone, NINE bowls, 18 eggs, and he managed to burn two eggs into a brown crispy treat. No cheese.

He's following in the footsteps of some great men of science, like Thomas Edison, who tried almost10000 times before coming up with the right filament for the electric lightbulb.

After all his failed attempts, I came home to find him scraping his eggs out of the pan with a metal spatula, leaving on the stove and counter a trail of wreckage, as seen below...

After seeing his final offering, I got hungry, and cooked myself one, with cheese and ham, which prompted him to ask for one himself. Looks like I'm still good for something, anyway.

And we still have a mess to clean up. Like always, this reminds me of a verse, this one about a child left to himself... which is why I was hurrying home in the first place.

Time to go do life with my boy. Maybe we'll play some cleanup games...